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You can map multiple e-mail fields to the same SharePoint list column if you so wish.

These SharePoint field types are available for each Outlook field:

Subject: Single line text

Body: Multiple lines


Sender name: Single line or multiple lines of text - not person/group yet

Sender email: Single line or multiple lines of text

Sender phone: Single line or multiple lines of text

Sender category: Single line or multiple lines of text

Note: OLAP Reporting Tool, the statistics application integrated in HelpDesk OSP, does not support these characters in column names: ^ \ ; : / ! and  . (dot) in the end. They will not cause any issues in the ticket creation, but they can give problems when used in the statistics.

1.8.1   Global Settings list

If no SharePoint list is configured you will be prompted to add a list to HelpDesk OSP, refer to First time use.

The first time a user configures the connection between Outlook and SharePoint a Global list is added to the site. The list settings defined by this user are saved into an item in the Global list. This way the first user of HelpDesk OSP in the organization defines the list settings for all users. Since the first user creates this Global list he needs to have Design or Full control permission over the SharePoint site.

1.8.2   Subsequent users

When the first user has selected SharePoint list(s) and defined the conversion information and when the subsequent users connect to the same site, these settings are loaded from the site.

Each time a user selects a site to connect to HelpDesk OSP, the application checks if there is Global list with settings for HelpDesk OSP on that site. If there is, HelpDesk OSP loads the settings in the Global list from the site. (If there is no Global list, this user is considered to be the first user, and the application will create a Global list with the settings that this user saves.)

Therefore the subsequent users only have to log in and select a SharePoint list - or several.

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