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1.16 E-mail threading

The e-mail threading feature in HelpDesk OSP makes it possible to add each e-mail concerning the same case to the first ticket, instead of creating one ticket for each e-mail. This process gives the responsible staff a chronological listing of all conversation related to that particular problem. The entire process is executed transparent to the user. The e-mail threading feature works for both manual and automatic conversion. When an incoming e-mail is converted and E-mail threading is enabled, each time HelpDesk OSP finds a SharePoint item with the same ticket ID as the incoming e-mail, the body of the e-mail will be added to the corresponding field of the list item with the same ID. HelpDesk OSP will also tag the appended content of the SharePoint ticket with the name of the sender and system time at every update.

(If an incoming e-mail is converted and HelpDesk OSP does not find a SharePoint item with the same ticket ID, a new item will be added to the list.)

Note that for manual conversion you must convert also the subsequent e-mails. They will be added to the earlier ticket, but you must do the conversion step first.

When the tickets are created manually and there are multiple SharePoint lists to choose from, you have to be careful while selecting SharePoint list from the Outlook toolbar dropdown. If you select the wrong list when creating an e-mail thread and there is a ticket with the same ID in that list, the wrong ticket will be updated with the new information.

1.16.1   SharePoint and HelpDesk OSP settings

The ‘Enable E-mail threading’ option in the HelpDesk OSP settings under General Settings must be enabled for this feature to work. You must also make a setting in the SharePointe list(s), see below.

When the checkbox under General Settings is checked and the three settings below are made, every e-mail in a thread will be added to the same SharePoint list item.


In the SharePoint site, under List Settings >General Settings >Versioning Settings, activate the option Yes for 'Create a version each time you edit an item in this list'.


Create/Use a multiline field with the setting “Append Changes to Existing Text” set to Yes.

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