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With HelpDesk OSP support cases or other issues that need to be tracked are formalized in tickets, which are filled out automatically or by the people working at the helpdesk. As the tickets are gathered at a SharePoint site it is easy to organize and co-operate on them, and they can be reached from everywhere over the internet. We hope that you will get a good understanding of HelpDesk OSP by studying this manual and the online video demonstrations. You are welcome to print the manual or parts of it and use it within your organization. You may also change or add text or images so that the manual better suits your needs. To make this easy we have opted to create it in DOC format, as well as in PDF.

When we talk about clients in this manual we mean the people who are handling the tickets, for example members of a support team, or the machines used by them. The images in this manual are mostly from Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010, but you may use HelpDesk OSP with Outlook 2007 also, refer to Requirements. The HelpDesk OSP application combines three parts:

An Outlook add-in which is installed on every machine where tickets should be created with HelpDesk OSP. The add-in can also be installed in Outlook on a server, for example for automatic conversion from Outlook Web Access.

One or several SharePoint list(s)

An integrated Statistics tool with a report generator

The Outlook add-in has

A button which allows you to manually create a support ticket from the selected e-mail. (The conversion can also be done automatically.) The e-mails are converted into tickets complete with formatting, priority, sender information and attachments (except .msg files).

A button for creating a blank ticket, for example if you receive a telephone call or simply wish to publish something to SharePoint from your Outlook. Caller information may be taken from the Outlook Contacts or the GAL.

A link to the Report generator, our application OLAP Reporting Tool for Excel.

A Settings form that handles the connection between Outlook and SharePoint.

The Outlook add-in can also have other buttons; refer to HelpDesk OSP buttons in Outlook.

If you have several Outlook profiles, HelpDesk OSP will work on all of them.

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint   User Manual www.kalmstrom.com


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