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General Architecture

1.17 The files and their purpose

Helpdesk OSP consists of several compressed files.  During installation they are automatically extracted and placed in a HelpDesk for Outlook and SharePoint folder under Program Files/kalmstrom.com, in a My HOSP folder under (My) Documents and in a HOSP folder under Application Data\kalmstrom.com\ or \AppData\Roaming\kalmstrom.com\ (Vista).

In the HelpDesk for Outlook and SharePoint folder:


The HOSP.exe application is run when you press the Configure button, when you create a SharePoint ticket or manually by clicking this file. HOSP.exe posts tickets to a SharePoint list and lets you save or change your settings, both the locally saved and the settings saved in The hidden site list.


The HOSP.dll file adds a toolbar to Outlook, so that you can manipulate items in your Outlook mail folders and also register HelpDesk OSP.


The integrated statistics application OLAP Reporting Tool opens when you press the Statistics button or manually run this .exe. (OLAP Reporting Tool was not designed specifically for HelpDesk OSP but can be used for viewing any .cub-files).


This application is run when you click the Statistics button in the HelpDesk OSP toolbar in Outlook. It creates the OLAP cube file that connects to the statistics tool, OLAP Reporting Tool. Each time the HOSPCube.exe is run the old cube is removed and a new one is created. HOSPCube can also be run manually.


This application is run when you click the Example Data button in the HelpDesk OSP Settings. It creates demo tickets into selected SharePoint list. You can also edit the data of these demo tickets.

This folder also contains several supporting .dll files.

In the My HOSP folder:


This .cub file contains an aggregate of all tickets from a selected list. It is read and displayed by the OLAPReporting.exe


This is the Access database where your list items are stored. The Access database is not downloaded with the rest of the files but is created automatically the first time you run the HOSPCube.exe.

My HOSP also contains two folders for different versions of Office Web Components. They will eventually contain your reports from OLAP Reporting Tool.

In the HOSP folder:


This file contains the locally stored settings information: site URL, password and e-mail folder(s) to monitor. The files HOSP.exe and HOSP.dll read from and write to HOSPSettings.xml.

The file OLAPlicense is created when the statistics button is clicked the first time. It contains the

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint   User Manual www.kalmstrom.com


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