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When you open Outlook after the installation you can see a new Configure button in the Outlook ribbon. In Outlook 2003 you will instead see a Configure button in the toolbar. (After you have clicked the Configure button and defined the settings, you will have more buttons, for Creating a ticket from e-mail, for creating a Blank ticket and for OLAP Reporting Tool. Refer also to HelpDesk OSP buttons in Outlook. )

You will also have a Statistics button, to reach the integrated Statistics Tool, OLAP Reporting Tool; refer to Statistics Tool. The statistics cannot be used until you have configured a SharePoint list for use with HelpDesk OSP and added some tickets to it.

Log in

When you use HelpDesk OSP for the first time, you must log in to the SharePoint site that will be connected to HelpDesk OSP. You can opt to save your credentials, and in that case you don’t have to log in later. For best security the password is encrypted when saved to the file HOSPSettings.xml. The information about username, password and monitored e-mail folder is also stored locally, while information about site and list mapping is stored in the Global settings list on the SharePoint site.

If you select to remember the login info, these details can be seen, tested and changed in the Credential Store of the HelpDesk OSP Settings, see    Credential Store.

1.1 Authentication

By default Windows Authentication is selected, but choose Forms if your SharePoint site has Forms Authentication. Choose Claims-based Authentication for Office 365.

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