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Adjusting the Dynamo and Fan Belts

driven in turn by the short belt from the

These belts are adjusted to the proper tension before the car leaves the factory and this adjustment should not need attention unless one or both belts tend to slip

he longer belt adjusted to the correct and out movement of the belt at a point approximately halfway

between water pump and dynamo (o

he total movement should not holding nut must be securely

tightened and the Can assembly pressed downwards until the slac

It is most important that these belts should not be run too tight or this will cause excessive wear in the


Fuel Tank

The fuel is carried in an 18 gallon tank mounted at the rear of 'from the tank are so arranged that a supply of two gallons is trapped in reserve and made accessible at will by an electrically operated tap controlled from the dashboard by the switch marked PETROL

This switch should always be left in the OFF position to ensure that the reserve supply will be rve switch is only operative when the

an electrical fuel pump which draws onditions of prolonged full throttle running this pump may also be switched on to augment the petrol supply pressure at the carbur

Fuel Gauge

The petrol gauge on the instrument panel is electrically operat requires no attention other than keeping the wiring connection the ignition is switched ION'

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is located on the top of the engine behind the carburettor and is driven by a push rod

actuated by a cam on the camshaf

he pump requires little attention other

If it is desired to clean the pu

crew in the centre of the top cover and

the filter screen is correctly located and that the cover is se

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