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The Panhard rod frame bracket fitted to leaf spring models (Saloon models in particular) by three bolts to the front flange of the main rear cross membe tightness as should also the bolts through the Silentbloc bushe

is secured

racket is welded to the forging on later

models is attached to the frame by 3 f the radius is of the Ford rubber ball lost motion and the belt passing through the bush and holding the radius rod at each end should be closely examined for scoring a the correct spare part which is a best quality high tensile bol

nd of the Panhard rod which locate the he rubber has not pulled away from

the metal inner or outer sleeves and replaced if at all doubtfu

The mechanical details of the axle are identical with the Ford

the key to the shaft should be

n the hub is removed the roller be taken when extracting seal not to

be replaced if at all scored or replaced if in the same conditio

is pressed into the hub should also be

The inner track is pressed on to the end of axle case and requi Some however start life with cut sleeves and the end forging is

15 Ball Race which is protected by a lend shake' can be felt by pushing and pulling the hub To remove the race the Outer End of the Universal Half Shaft must first be sing and the Dead Axle Tube s holding the Bearing Cap shoul

ding the Inner Track of the Bea

the correct Grade Ensure that the Bearing Cap Bolts are rewired

The Universal Half Shafts are o

ould be checked in the same way as

g the Universal Half Shafts to the

The Roller Bearings on each side of the Differential Case on De

e checked for wear by slackening

n pushing and pulling on the Br

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