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No shake should be present To replace or examine these Bearings the Universal Half Shaft and the Half Shaft flange and the inner half shaft flange and is simply pulled off when the Half Shaft is di

stop is provided behind the Bearing

Backlash between the Crown and p

and this is adjusted by paper

is necessary to remove One Gasket on the Crown Side Having done this the case and both Housings tightness by rotating the Shafts If too tight it will be necessary to insert a Gasket on the other side as the Bearings have obviously now

Before attempting to adjust Backlash the Pinion Bearings should

the Outer End of the Pinion after

sely examined for

cracks at the

Propeller Shaft unpinned from the

en to ensure that the Speedometer

Torque Tube is a Ford Component shortened to suit the Allard the Centre Bearing normally on Ford

which is pinned to the Pinion Shaft in exactly the same way as

The parallel Roller

bearing at the gearbox end is retained and this has a Split Outer Track to facilitate its removal from the

All work on the Axle or Torque Internals can only be carried out when the Units nave been removed

ar of' the Gear box which functions as Torque Tube assembly may now be Propeller Shaft out of the Splined Universal Coupling attached to

taken to ensure that the correct number of Paper Gaskets are used between the pressed Steel Inne To obtain the correct condition the empty Torque Tube should be bolted up with the Inner Cap to the Gearbox with two or three Gasket moved by hand with only slight well smeared with the correct grease on their working faces bef can be caused on moving away fro

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