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Steering Gear Lubrication

dd gear oil until it reaches the level of

Gearbox Lubrication

Every 1000 miles sufficient extreme pressure gear oil should be added to bring it level with the filler

Rear Axle Lubrication

E v e r y 1 0 0 0 m i l e s s u f f i c i e n t ' e x t r e m e p r e s s u r e ' g e a r o i l s h o u l d b e a d d e d t o b r i n g i t l e v e l w i t h t h e f i l l e r ke linings and greatly impair braking

Universal Joint Lubrication

Every 1000 miles the universal joint housing should be filled w The universal joint housing cap is provided with the grease gun

Chassis Grease Points

Dirt and grease should always be removed from the grease points before applying the grease gun and do not mistake the bleed screws on the brake back plates for gr

Fuel Pump Filter

eplacing the gauze be sure that it is

correctly located and that the cover gasket is in good conditio (immediately above the drain plug) and allow the sediment to ru

Be careful to replace the drain p

re to screw up the drain plug before


Air pressure in the tyres should be checked with a pressure gau

Batteries Topping Up

Every four weeks inspect the batteries and add sufficient distilled water to bring the electrolyte to the an indication of an excessive charging

Starting Motor

The bearings in the starting meter are lubricated when they are assembled and require no attention

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