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Depressants- depresses the functions of the central nervous system, calming irritability and anxiety. (barbiturates, alcohol, methaqualone, and valium)

Stimulants- substance taken to increase alertness or activity.  (amphetamines, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine)

Anabolic steroids- chemically related to the male sex hormone testosterone.  Promotes the secondary male characteristics and accelerates muscle growth.  Has not been found that they will increase strength and performance.  Can cause liver cancer, infertility, halting bone growth and diminished sex drive.

Drug ID Methods:

Screening tests include color tests and microcrystalline tests

Color tests

Marquis Reagent- turns purple  with heroin and morphine, orange brown with methamphetamines

Dillie-Koppanyi- violet blue when comes in contact with barbiturates

Duqenois-Levine- purple for marijuana

Van Urk- blue-purple when in contact with LSD

Scott test- blue with cocaine present

Gas chromatography- separates drugs into pure forms for tentative id

Mass spectrometry- specifically identifies a drug when in pure form- no two drugs can produce the same fragmentation patterns.

Std. 5-

Collecting, preserving, and securing forensic evidence

The successful outcome of a criminal investigation is almost always directly related to the manner in which evidence is collected and preserved.

1st officer at the scene- Helps victims, then secures crime scene

Steps to thoroughly record the crime scene

Crime scene search patterns- line, spiral, zone, grid

Packaging evidence- Package each item in separate containers and label accurately

- Clothing is air dried before packaging in paper bags

- Charred, burnt debris, explosive residue, glass, hair and fibers are placed in  

  airtight glass jar

- Fingernail scrapings are placed in sealed, airtight container

- Druggist fold

Standard reference sample- sample from victim, suspect, or other known source used to compare against evidence found at the crime scene.

Chain of evidence- continuity of possession

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