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Std. 6-

Lab methods and instruments used to analyze forensic samples

Lab Services-

Physical Science Unit-applies chemistry, physics, & geology to ID and compare evidence

Biology Unit-responsible for DNA profiling and comparison of hair and fibers

Firearms Unit-examines garments or objects in order to detect gunshot residue

Document Examination Unit-analyzes handwriting or typewriting

Photography Unit-uses specialized photographic techniques to examine/record physical evidence

Toxicology Unit-analyzes body fluids for presence or absence of drugs/poisons

Latent Fingerprint Unit- processes and examines fingerprints

Polygraph Unit-employs trained criminal investigators to interrogate suspects

Voiceprint Analysis Unit-analyzes telephone or recorded messages

Evidence Collection Unit-collect and preserve evidence at the crime scene

Estimating time or cause of death:

Autopsy (performed by a Medical Examiner)

Stages of decomposition:

Rigor Mortis- occurs within the 1st 24 hours, disappears within 36 hours

Livor Mortis- settling of blood in areas causing dark blue or purple areas on the skin

Algor Mortis- postmortum changes that cause a body to lose heat

Entomology (stages of blowflies and presence of other insects)

Potassium levels of ocular fluids

Digestive processes (stomach contents)

Std. 7-

Legal aspects

Four circumstances that justify a warrantless search

-In the process of a legal arrest

-Suspect consents to search

-Emergency situations, such as a fire

-Reasonable cause

Fourth amendment

Frye vs. U.S.

Daubert vs. Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Mincey vs. Arizona- Supreme Court case that dealt with impropriety of the warrantless collection of physical evidence at a homicide scene.

Michigan vs. Tyler- Supreme Court case that dealt with search and seizure procedures at an arson scene.

Std. 8-

Safety and OSHA

OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the Dept. of Labor, establishes and enforces safety standards for the workplace.

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