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The  picture on the right is the table salt most of us grew up on. It has been processed, and all the minerals except sodium and chloride have been removed. It has an anti-caking agent such as calcium silicate that we believe may be harmful to your health. It has inorganic iodine added.

A few years ago, this was probably the only table salt that you would find on your grocery store shelves. But much has changed. Over the last few years, awareness and knowledge about salt has changed. As the public has become more informed, the grocery stores have responded. They now offer an interesting variety of table salt for your selection.

I recently went to my local Wal Mart and Safeway grocery stores. I chose  them because there is usually a Wal Mart or Safeway store near just about everyone. The following pictures and descriptions were from my visit. These are October 2008 prices.

The stuff to Avoid

Morton is changing

Morton now offers a gourmet table and cooking salt that is unprocessed. As the picture shows, for $2.08 you can buy 18 oz. of sea salt that was “harvested from salt ponds in the Mediterranean sea in Spain”.

However the salt also contains an anti-caking agent. As such, this is not organic salt. What a shame. Morton has almost got it right.

This salt will serve the gourmet cook well, but not the health-conscious organic salt consumer.

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