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First, I wish to remind you that only God makes sea salt. Man does not make it. Man can harvest it, but all salt, made by God, is basically the same (at least until man processes it).

As I have previously mentioned, I discovered a source on the docks in Florida of an organic sea salt that was the by-product of a Caribbean desalinization plant. I went to the Morton Salt Company office to purchase some of this salt. Their factory there was bagging the salt into 50 pound bags. The manager smiled at me and said, “We only sell in semi-trailer size lots”. It would take me several lifetimes to eat this much salt. And where would I store it?

I was stymied. But then luck intervened and I found a store where the 50 pound bags (big white plastic bags with blue lettering) were being sold retail. And the price was $2.50 per 50 lb. bag. I was ecstatic. Unprocessed sea salt with no additives for five cents a pound. Eureka! For many years this was my source of organic sea salt. Actually, 50 lbs of salt lasts a family for years.

Eventually I moved away from Florida, to the Mid-west. The Florida salt was no longer available. But I found the same salt from another source, in this case fine grain rock salt from underground mines in Utah. I once had a chemical analysis of this salt made just to prove that it contains all of the health-needed minerals and trace elements. I am reprinting this chemical analysis at the end of this booklet.

Where do I get my salt? I buy it from the local farm and ranch store. Most farmer feed stores will also stock it. It is called “fine grain agricultural mixing salt”. Farmers who mix their own animal feeds use this salt to add to their feeds.

I have a lot of fun with my cheaper organic salt. I put some in mason jars, affix homemade labels, and give it away at Christmas.

One point to ponder. Many brands of agricultural mixing salt will be labeled “for agricultural use only” or “not for human consumption”. You will have to decide for yourself how to handle this.

I remember that salt is only made by God. And the salt I buy is nice and pure, completely white. So it is not dirty or contaminated by dirt.

Agricultural Mixing Salt, fine grain

Thus I do not pay any attention to these label warnings.  I believe that this salt is safer for me and is more healthy for me than most of the brands of salt that I will find on my grocery store shelves. This is a personal decision for you to make.

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