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the cells in our bodies lose ions. A loss of ions in our cells causes imbalances, a breakdown of the cell regeneration and growth process, and loss of the cells themselves. This leads to nervous disorders, brain damage, muscle damage or illness. Therefore, it is vital to your health to have the proper mineral balance in the saline and ion composition of your blood. These compositions must be maintained within very precise limits. Many illnesses and poor health conditions have been traced to a deficiency of the minerals that are found in sea salt. 

The Modern Salt Making Process:

The salt, that we consume today, is made by several large industrial companies. They sell the same salt for both industrial use and human consumption. 93% of their production goes for industrial purposes, 7% for food use. They start with salt that they have mined from large underground salt deposits. These were left behind when inland seas evaporated millenniums ago. They also process salt, which has been extracted from seawater. They then refine this salt. This is where things go wrong, at least in terms of your health. The salt is refined to remove impurities, to make it attractive and uniform in appearance, and mostly to extract most of the mineral elements. When they have finished refining your salt, it looks great, and flows easily out of your saltshaker, but 82 of the 84 mineral elements have been extracted.

Why do these large industrial companies do this? Several of the minerals that are extracted have great commercial value. Therefore these chemicals are removed from the salt to be sold as a chemical product. Examples are Boron that is sold to make anti-knock gasoline additives and chemical fertilizers, and Magnesium that is sold to makers of light metal alloys and explosives. The chemicals and minerals removed from salt are also used to make plastics. As a result of this unfortunate situation, the salt you buy at the store is only sodium chloride; all of the other beneficial elements have been removed.

They have added chemical additives  as non-caking agents (including aluminum hydroxide, and calcium silicate) that bleach the salt whiter, prevent water absorption while the salt is in the box,  and make the salt flow freely in your salt shaker. They also add iodine and iodine stabilizers. This is another interesting story.

Why are the non-caking agents possibly harmful? Because the chemical additives that prevent the refined salt from absorbing water while it is in the box also prevent the refined salt from being properly absorbed in your body. This is why we are constantly

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