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of Russian soldiers owed their lives to this scientist's knowledge that sea water is so closely matched to human blood that it could be used as a substitute.

American doctors, when they heard of this development, were incredulous. So they did an experiment. They took a laboratory dog and slowly drained all if its blood away, while pumping purified seawater into the dog. When they had completely substituted all of the dog’s blood with seawater, they revived the dog. He jumped down from the operating table and ran around, barking and otherwise acting healthy and robust. The dog lived to a ripe old age.  [Editor’s note: We are appalled by the cruelty of such animal experiments. We are not approving anything here, we are just reporting this valuable information to you.]

Salt Starved? Your Body Knows!

Are You Salt Starved? Many of us definitely use too much salt in our diet. We crave it. This is because our bodies crave the 82 missing mineral and trace elements that are absent from our table salt. Then our bodies send the message to us to consume salt. But the salt we consume doesn't have these 82 elements, so our bodies send the message out again "eat more salt!" Thus a destructive cycle is set up which leads us to eat too much sodium chloride, which due to its processing cannot be properly processed by our bodies

Celtic Sea Salt being harvested in France

Then harmful salt deposits form in our bodies And great stress is placed on the overall function of our body as it is forced to operate without proper amounts of the 82 missing mineral elements.

Many of these 82 missing elements are only trace elements, and are therefore required by our bodies in only very small amounts. But many believe that a deficiency of these trace elements may cause great harm to our bodies.  Attached as an addendum to this report is a chemical analysis of the organic sea salt that the author consumes. More information will be provided below on how to get this organic salt.

Minerals and Your Health:

Under God's original plan, your body received the minerals it needed from two sources: plants and salt. The plants received their minerals from the soil. We then ate the plants, as grains,

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