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these functions. In women, the lack of trace minerals may cause the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) to affect her glands, including the pituitary and the adrenal cortex. The resulting effect may be a loss of femininity, an increase in masculine aggressiveness, and the loss of woman's natural intuitive nature. In short, refined salt may cause men to be less manly, and women to be less feminine.

The kidneys are greatly affected by the long term consumption of refined salt. Natural salt assists bodily liquids to freely pass through all body membranes, including the kidney's blood vessels and glomerulus. Refined salt, however, may restrict the flow of fluids, causing edema and chronic kidney problems. Also, eventually insoluble crystals of hemoglobin form in the kidneys, possibly leading to kidney failure. Oriental medicine places great emphasis on the fact that kidney functions greatly affect both sexual virility and aging. If so, I want to protect my kidneys!


Have We Convinced You Yet?: Okay, you say, “I'll use natural unrefined salt from now on”. The next problem is how to get the proper salt. Be careful at your grocery store. Mostly refined salt there. Your health food store is next. Caution here, for much of the salt sold as sea salt in health food stores and elsewhere is also refined, and therefore not desirable. Read the label carefully, searching for salt that is unrefined and unprocessed. It is worth the effort! Foods cooked with natural salt taste better; you will be supplying your body with necessary minerals and trace elements, and your salt craving will be lessened.

 Sources of Organic Sea Salt

Before we begin to show you sources of organic sea salt, lets talk a bit about where natural organic salt comes from.

Some is gathered from the sea. The old fashioned way is to flood sea water into drying beds and let the sun slowly evaporate the water. The remaining salt is then raked up and harvested. Because this method is labor intensive, this type of salt can be expensive. The quality of this salt depends greatly on the purity of the local sea water. With growing worldwide pollution problems, this can be an important consideration.

Then there are underground deposits. Much of the salt available today is harvested from deep underground mines. These salt deposits are the remainder of ancient sea beds. Because these deposits are millions of year old, the purity of this salt is the best. As I look for bargain organic sea salt, I find many of the best deals in mined salt.

Another interesting source is desalinization plants in the Caribbean. Years ago I discovered a Morton Salt Company depot at a dock in Eastern Florida. They received salt that was delivered by bulk-carrying ships from a Caribbean island named Inagua. It seems that Inagua operated a large desalinization plant there. The sea salt was a by-product of the desalinization operation. If you live in the Southeastern part of the US, any large bags of Solar salt that you purchase will probably be from this source. When I lived in Florida, I purchased their fine grain solar salt in

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