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bulk. It was my table and cooking salt. I will talk more about that later.

The Internet

Lets go to Google to check out sources of organic (unprocessed and unrefined) sea salt. You will find many sources. As an example, I found Salt Works in New Zealand that has an excellent organic salt. Their bulk price is $13.75 per pound in 55 pound bags. That’s $206.00 per bag. Ouch! Then they have a California organic salt that is harvested from drying beds. It is $1.12 per pound in 50 lb bags. $56.00 per 50 lb. Bag. Better!

Then there is Real Salt. Their website is realsalt.com. They are a favorite of mine. Good quality and good prices. Prices run about $1.00 to $1.50 per pound and you can purchase in smaller quantities. Very good way for the beginner to start. I will warn you right now, this author is a cheapskate! I am always looking for a better deal. I love to find the same quality at a better price. So I will be placing a lot of emphasis on best deals for your money.

Celtic Sea Salt is a classic and a favorite of many. But it is expensive, up to $12.00 per pound. It is hand harvested from salt drying ponds in France. The clay from the salt drying ponds gives the salt a cloudy color which many people like. Celtic Sea salt began many years ago to educate the US public about the health advantages of unprocessed organic salt. As such, they are the old, established, well-recognized brand of natural healthy salt.

Celtic Sea Salt label

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