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Activity Report of the National Committee for

Hydrological Sciences

Masayoshi NAKAWO Chair of the National Committee for Hydrological Sciences

T he Japan National Committee for Hydrological Sciences, in the Science Council of Japan is one of seven national committees of the corresponding associations of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Its roles are to plan future hydrological research, to coordinate academic bodies related to Inland water and to act as the National Committee for IAHS.

The hydrological societies in Japan now consist of 15 independent societies: the Japanese Society of Limnology, the Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology, the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice, the Balneological Society of Japan, the Geochemical Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Civi1 Engineers, the Japanese Forestry Society, Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources, the Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences, the Erosion Control Engineering Society of Japan, the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan, the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage, and Reclamation Engineering, the Geothermal Research Society of Japan, Japanese Geomorphological Union, and Japanese Society of Physical Hydrology. The current nine members of the National Committee are selected from the first nine societies. The chairman of the National Committee acts as the national representative for IAHS, and the members act as national correspondents of the international Commissions and Committees of IAHS.

Since there is no unified organization for hydrological sciences in Japan, the National Committee functions as the focus for collecting and distributing information concerning hydrological sciences.

A Symposium on the Present Status and the Future of the Water Circulation Studies with the Aid of Tracers was organized, by the National Committee, in September, 2005 at the Science Council of Japan.

As for the IAHS Project, Predictions in Ungauged Basins, a PUB special session was organized in the AOGS Annual Meeting at Singapore in September, 2006. In October, 2006, a PUB session was organized in the 3rd APHW meeting at Bangkok. A PUB Japan National Workshop was also organized in Mie Prefecture, Japan in November, 2006.

The National Committee for council members of IAHS recommended several candidates at the end of 2006 for IAHS council memberships well as for international Commissions and Committees of IAHS, to be elected at the IUGG General Assembly at Perugia in 2007. In addition, the National Committee recommended a candidate for the International Hydrology Prize.


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