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The heritage they were so much a part of creating will serve as a strong platform that can evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

Speaking of the future … so, what’s ahead for Puppy Placement?  Not only is puppy raising a critical part of our operation but, I believe it is the single area that can have the most effect on our future success.  One of my goals for the next year is to increase the percentage of puppies that become Seeing Eye dogs.  To do that, we must analyze what is working well and what isn’t.  What can we do during the raising of a puppy that improves the chances of success?  How can we catch a problem earlier?  What can we do to fix a potential problem before it goes too far?  We are plunging more deeply into the vast amount of data captured in our information systems.  Can we determine whether the years a dog can work productively can be extended?  Can we find a way to breed fewer puppies and still serve the same number of students?  What breed-specific factors tend to disqualify dogs from becoming guides, and what can we do about that?

The questions we ask are endless, but they only reflect that these are exciting times, as we contemplate future changes to better achieve our mission and continue our impact on the lives of people who are blind.  We look to that future with a sense of confidence and stability, thanks to Pete Lang, Christine Dickson, Dorothy Harrison Eustis, Morris Frank, and the many others who leave their legacy and pass the mantle of leadership to the next generation as part of a mission that is, and continues to be, rock-solid.


James A. Kutsch, Jr.

President, The Seeing Eye

Letters to The Seeing Eye

Dear Seeing Eye:

It has been about six months since I got home with [my dog] and I thought I’d send an update.  He continues to amaze me.  He knows his commands and follows them when they are given.  With him as a guide, my mobility is greatly increased.  Yet, when he is at home and off harness, he is a loving, wonderful family companion.

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