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ovary changes into the fruit

eggs change into the seeds

When seeds begin to grow into new plants, we say that they germinate. Seeds need air, water and the right amount of heat to germinate well. After the seeds germinate, we call them seedlings. Seedlings need light to grow.

The top few centimetres of the soil in which you plant seeds dry out quickly. Cover the soil with a mulch of dry grass or leaves. The mulch will keep the soil wet and help to keep the soil warm in winter and cool in summer. Open the mulch once the seeds germinate so that the seedlings can get light.

Activity 10.1

Growing trees from seeds

You will need magnifying glass if you have one, potting soil, strong plastic packet at least 20 cm long , tree seeds

Individual work

1. Walk around the school grounds and look for flowers. Pick six different flowers and take them back to the classroom. 2. By comparison with the drawing of the half-flower on the previous page, draw and label each of the six flowers. 3. Identify and note whether it is wind- or insect-pollinated. 4. You are going to grow a tree seed at home for planting in the school garden. Follow the steps below: a) Tree seedlings will survive better if you plant them into containers such as strong plastic packets. Using containers stops the roots from being disturbed when you transplant the trees to the place where they will permanently grow. Make holes in the bottom of the container with a nail or a piece of wire. The holes let water drain out of the containers so that the seeds do not rot. b) Get some good garden soil and fill the container with it. Knock the container gently on the ground to settle the soil. Then add some more soil. c) Plant three seeds in each container in case some do not germinate. Plant seeds two or three times as deep as the size of the seed. d) Water the seeds and place the container in a warm but shaded place such as a on windowsill or under a tree. Keep the soil in the container moist.



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