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Curriculum Links Outcomes Technology LO1: Learners are able to apply technological processes and skills ethically and responsibly using appropriate information and communication technologies.

Assessment There are 12 different parts to this activity, as learners work through the Technology process. Use the intermediate phase Technology assessment standards for LO1.

worksheet 9.5 Moving in make sure your chickens are comfortable

Activity 9.7 Equiping your chicken tractor Group work

The aim of this activity is to get learners to design drinkers, roosts and nesting boxes for the chicken tractor. If you do not yet have these, you can then choose the best ideas to use in the school chicken tractor.

Curriculum links Outcomes CO2: Learners work effectively with others as members of a team, group, organisation and community.

Technology LO2: Learners understand and apply relevant technological knowledge ethically and responsibly.

Assessment This activity gives a good opportunity for assessing CO2: Learners work effectively with others as members of a team, group, organisation and community.

P a r t 1 0 : P l a n t r e p r o d u c t i o n A s c h o o l n u r s e r y i s a g o o d w a y t o r a i s e f u n d s f o r s c h o o l p r o j e c t s . W e h a v e g i v e n tips on keeping a nursery after the activity information.

worksheet 10.1 Growing plants from seeds

There are three main aims of this worksheet:

  • to teach the sexual reproduction topic of the Natural Science content curriculum

  • to give learners practical skills of growing trees from seeds

  • to start to propagate trees for the school food garden

  • to build up a supply of plants for a school nursery.

Activity 10.1 Growing trees from seeds Individual work

You will need magnifying glasses (if you have)

Each learner will need the following, but probably can provide his/her own: potting soil, strong plastic packet at least 20 cm long, tree seeds

Steps 1-3 involve collecting, drawing, labelling and identifying flowers. This is probably best done at school as learners may need some guidance.

Step 4 involves each learner growing a tree from seed. This is a good activity for learners to do at home. Give a due date 6 weeks away when the seedlings must be brought to school. Keep reminding the learners about their seedlings. Once they are brought to school, and are big enough for transplanting, you can use them for

T E A C H E R S N O T E S PA R T S 9 A N D 1 0


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