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Vita for Allen Godwin

Dr. Allen Godwin is a Senior Research Associate for ExxonMobil Chemical and manages the Product Application Support group for the Americas OXO business group. After obtaining his PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from Texas A&M University, Allen worked as a post-doctorial Fellow at Florida State University and then joined Arco Chemical as an Analytical Chemistry Manager in their Chemical R&D group. In 1981 Allen joined ExxonMobil to work with their line of plasticizers. During the past 29 years, Allen has worked in plasticizer manufacturing, plasticizer technology, new product development, technology management, and new plasticizer research and development, in the US, Europe, and Asia. Allen has published four chapters on plasticizers for various text books and has presented papers on plasticizers and plasticizers technology through out the Americas. Allen holds more than 24 patents on new technologies and new plasticizers.

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