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A well planned reserves investment policy factors safety, liquidity and yield into the mix. These are the basics of good stewardship. When the reserves are funded according to a 100% funding philosophy coupled with these basics, the HOA will find a firm

financial foundation for the future. APRA

2010 Symposium

The 2010 APRA Symposium will be held in exciting Las Vegas on May 1st at Caesars Palace, the same week and venue as the Community Associations Institute National Conference. Learn cutting edge reserve study techniques and network with peers. All reserve study professionals are invited to attend. Special discounts apply for early registration.

To register, CLICK HERE or email apra@teamwi.com

Email WMDs

During the presidency of Bush, much was made

George W. of WMDs

(Weapons terminally

of Mass Destruction). lethal as these kind

As of

WMDs can be, homeowner associations have their own form of WMD called “email”. While boards, managers, homeowners, attorneys and contractors






efficiently, email has some pitfalls when misused. Here is a

major list of









tool instead

weapon of mass




Never assume that only your intended recipient will read your email. Emails can easily be forwarded

to others,



Emails can

or be

intercepted, deleted or easily modified and forwarded. Before sending an

email, ask yourself if you would die of embarrassment if the wrong eyes read it. If the answer is yes, don’t send it.

Email is not conversation. An email, while a great form of communication, still amounts to a monologue and not a dialogue. Email lacks the dynamics of face to face which includes nuances like sight, sound, tone and body language. Writing effectively is an art form that few master while most communicate pretty well in person.

Forever is a long time. Emails can be archived for years and may later be retrieved, especially in the context of litigation. Your off hand email remarks may incriminate you or the board years later.

Avoid email for complex issues. Lengthy emails often get misinterpreted and when multiple recipients are weighing in, someone is not going to get the whole message. Save complex topics for face to face meetings where everyone is there to hear the same thing at the same time.

Flame off. Avoid the temptation to send critical emails, even when the recipient deserves it. Angry emails seldom change hearts and minds and often burn bridges.

Safeguard privileged information. In a genuine effort to keep the lines of

The Helsing Group, Inc.

Reserve Study Specialists

Professional Reserve Studies Qualified Site Inspectors Color Reports Maintenance Suggestions

A program so revolutionary it’s trademarked!

2000 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 380 San Ramon CA 94583

Tel (925) 355-2100 800-4HELSING


communication open with members, a well-meaning board member may share an email to a non-board member containing advice from legal counsel. This practice, even with good intentions, could effectively waive the attorney-client privilege. Never allow attorney communications outside the board circle unless the board has agreed to distribute it to all members.

Email can be used for good or evil. WMDs have a way of doing substantial and lasting damage. Be careful not to launch an email WMD which you can’t

recall. APRA

Maintenance Plans – Reserve Studies Associations / Conversions / New Construction Audits, Reviews & Compilations Tax Research / Tax Returns

Specializing in Homeowner Associations since 1984. Offering the highest level of service to over 350 clients in the Pacific Northwest. Licensed in Oregon & Washington

David T. Schwindt, CPA

Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) Reserve Specialist (RS)

3407 SW Corbett Avenue Portland, OR 97239





11820 Northup Way, Suite E-200 Bellevue, WA 98025 Ph/Fax 360.719.5845 Toll Free 888.962.1115


Pernicious Contradiction

There is a vicious rumor going around. The board is talking about raising the dues again and everyone’s up in arms. They raised the dues last year! And the year before! It’s time to fire up the tar and pluck the chicken!

Ever hear this kind of thunder roll through your HOA? At the core of this storm is a pernicious contradiction. Members want the property taken care of but expect the board to do it on a slumlord’s budget. With too little money chasing too many expenses, maintenance suffers, home values slide and livability diminishes. Yet, year after year, the Spend No Money Drum gets beaten.

But it wasn’t always thus. In the beginning, when the homes were new

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