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getting started. If you have extra time, go back through the chapter and ask people to share some of the things that were important to them. Encourage them to highlight in their books. You may also want to discuss the Power Points.

If you are leading a large group (say 15 or more) you may want to have an assistant or two. It is helpful to have a secretary to collect and organize the phone numbers and addresses and perhaps a hospitality person to organize snacks and socials.

As far as praying together, I suggest you start off your time together with prayer, but reserve taking prayer requests until the end of class. Have index cards available so ladies can write their requests. Then give the card to someone else to pray for the requests. This helps to avoid long discussions (with everyone adding their opinion) over a prayer request or concern.


Use this first meeting as a time to get to know one another. You will be introducing the book and how you plan to study it together at this time. Do not expect anyone to have read the book yet.

  • 1.

    Ask everyone to share their name and the names of their family members. Also ask each participant to share one of her greatest joys in her life right now.

  • 2.

    Read the introduction together, having one person read it out loud while the others follow along.


Explain how you are going to study the book together (homework and study questions).

Other things to discuss include: where you are going to meet, time frame and childcare.

Close with prayer.

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