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Chapter 1 1. The most important ingredient in the recipe for a great wife is God- centeredness (not husband-centeredness). How would you describe God- centeredness in your own words. 2. What are some of the “Small Stuff” areas that you feel you need to let go of in your marriage?

  • 3.

    What is a good, practical way to focus on eternal things?

  • 4.

    Share with the group ways that your weaknesses are complemented by your

husbands strengths.

Chapter 2 1. God's great power knows no limits. Why then, do we tend to depend on ourselves instead of depending on God's power at work in our lives? 2. Queen Esther recognized her responsibility while also relying on God's power. In what ways can we follow her example in our marriage relationships? 3. Please share about your experience this week when you designated a day to dwelling in God's presence all day long (under Power Point)

Chapter 3 1. Can you recall any mumpsimus you have believed in your own relationship with your husband? 2. Which of the three love principles has been the most challenging and/or rewarding for you in your marriage? 3. What has God taught you through the way you have loved your husband? This might be something about your relationship with God as well as the relationship with your husband. 4. What ways can you demonstrate true love to your husband?

Chapter 4 1. Why is it be more difficult to forgive a person we know and love (our husband, for example) than to forgive a total stranger? 2. How might you grow closer in your relationship with Christ as you regularly perform "forgiveness checks?" 3. How can the forgiveness that you extend to your spouse enable him to become a new person with a fresh beginning? 4. How has Christ’s forgiveness toward you affected your life?

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