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How to Use This Video Package

What this video is about “Drug Wars – Crank County” is a 24-minute video production that examines the abuse of methamphetamine. It is a comprehensive examination of a growing and troublesome national phenomenon. Interview-based, it speaks to what meth can do to families and individuals; how it affects the brain; the problems it causes for law enforcement; and how users risk stroke, liver damage, exposure to noxious fumes, and death.

Those interviewed include: law enforcement officials; emergency room personnel; a treatment counselor; former users; clergy; and a member of the judiciary. They paint the whole grim picture of meth abuse, telling of how violent, paranoid, and delusional users can become.

People who should watch this video

*DRUG USERS: Many users are ignorant about the effects of methamphetamine. This video will help drug users learn the facts about meth.

*PARENTS: Some parents are in blissful ignorance about dangerous substances children are exposed to. Parents play a pivotal role with their children’s ability to say no to drugs, and this video will help prepare them for a truthful discussion on methamphetamine.

*COUNSELORS AND TEACHERS: People in the teaching and helping professions need to operate on the basis of authoritative information. They can’t afford to act on misconceptions about drugs. This program will give them the facts they need about meth.

*MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: As with our other Drug Wars videos, Crank County will educate young people about the dangers of drugs in order to make informed decisions.

*GENERAL PUBLIC: Videos such as this one are very good at attracting public interest on the need for better prevention and drug rehabilitation programs.

What people are saying about this video:

“My substance abuse group reviewed this film, and it’s a winner. This video is “hard ball” and puts meth in proper perspective…” Larry Beaty, Director, Associated Addiction Counseling Services, Inc. Kansas City

“The best informational presentation that I have seen. The film was well paced; the information used was honest and direct and not fabricated with the intent to scare people straight.” Treatment Counselor, Klamath Falls, Oregon


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