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JUNE 2005



FIG. 2. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-12 (GOES-12) visible satellite image of Hurricane Clau- dette at 1532 UTC 15 Jul 2003. The center is on the coast of Texas and maximum winds are estimated at 80 kt at the time of this image (courtesy of Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA).

reported an 85-kt wind speed at 850-mb flight level and a central pressure of 1001 mb. Two hours later, a pass through the same part of the storm showed flight-level winds of only 56 kt. Based on this, the 85-kt wind speed was not considered representative, and it is estimated that Claudette remained a tropical storm and the best- track wind speed was 60 kt at 0600 UTC 9 July. How- ever, it is possible that Claudette briefly reached mini- mal hurricane intensity at this time. Claudette is esti- mated to have become a hurricane at 1200 UTC on 10 July based on a 73-kt dropsonde surface wind observa- tion.

Hurricane conditions occurred over portions of the middle Texas coast. The maximum sustained wind re- ported by an official observing site was a 10-min aver- age of 65 kt at the Remote Automated Weather Sta-

tions (RAWS) site on Matagorda Island, Texas (Table 3). The Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network (TCOON) station at Port OConnor reported a 6-min average sustained wind of 62 kt with a gust to 78 kt in the western eyewall. Victoria, Texas, reported 54-kt sustained winds with a gust to 72 kt, although these data are incomplete due to a power failure. Tropical storm conditions occurred along much of the middle and up- per Texas coast. Cotulla, Texas, reported sustained winds of 36 kt with a gust to 46 kt at 0246 UTC 16 July, while Del Rio, Texas, reported a gust to 47 kt.

Tropical stormforce winds also occurred well inland over portions of southwestern Texas, including 38-kt sustained winds with a gust to 50 kt at the Terrell County airport at 1658 UTC 16 July. Other reports of tropical storm wind gusts occurred at Mt. Locke in the

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