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News on the Pringle Bay Conservancy Festival 2011

This year the second Pringle Bay Conservancy Festival will take place from Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th of September. The event will this year have 3 venues. They are the Pringle Bay Community Hall, the Pringle Bay CBD as well as Glen Craig. Several local businesses have already indicated that they would like

exhibit/stalls opportunities and they include Saturday stalls at the Community Hall, Saturday evening stalls in the CBD as well as a Sunday morning market in the Pringle Bay CBD. These stalls are limited – so please book your stall sooner than later! We will provide you with more information on all events once

to sponsor certain events. They the Conservancy Committees

include Pam Golding Properties Pringle Bay, RealNet Properties, Wh


have met. We also need the public and local businesses involvement and support with

Coast Holiday Homes/Penguin the planning of this event. A

Cleaning Services, Fynbos Enterprises, Glen Craig, Waterford Projects & Developments and Naturesscapes. Several sponsor opportunities still remain and we ask all

three day festival is a huge undertaking. We cannot do this without the help of the local community. We need more sponsors, we need to know what useful contacts we have in Pringle Bay, we need

businesses interested to please more venues for events and

this excellent marketing opportunity. Besides the annual

struggling and this festival could provide vital income as well as excellent marketing

Kogelberg Mountain Challenge the festival will also this year host a 32 km mountain biking event to be held at Glen Craig. There will also be several

opportunities for them.

So let's support this event and keep local businesses strong – local is mos lekker!

contact the Pringle Bay Conservancy as soon as

possible to take advantage of

most of all we need more fresh ideas!

Local businesses are

News regarding the Hangklip footpath

A few artists of Rooi Els have kindly offered to donate R11 000 towards the extension of the Hangklip footpath. Several individuals such as Mark Johns (Cape Nature), Ian Cushny, Keith Foster and Bernard Heydenrych are involved with this project. Should you like to get involved with this project we ask you to please contact the Conservancy. More sponsors

are required and we also ask all spade owners to please provide their services! Several rest areas with benches could also be added to existing and new paths – this will also require sponsors.

Pringle Bay Conservancy Contact Details: Bernard Heydenrych 0788155708 or email at naturesscapes@vodamail.co.za

Drostersgat Centre Tel 028 273 8912 072 831 3011 ATM Airtime ESKOM electricity General Dealer



Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Mustelidae Genus: Aonyx Species: capensis Common name (Eng): Cape Clawless Otter Common name (Afr): Groototter

The Cape Clawless Otter can grow up to 1.7m and we have the coastal species along our area living wherever there is fresh water for them to drink and rinse themselves after foraging in the salty sea. They live in holts which are hollows made in the thick bush and usually venture out into the kelp forests in the evening, at night and early morning to hunt for their food. Even when it is dark they can use their dextrous paws to feel and capture their prey around the rocks.

Above: clawless paw of the clawless otter

Right: otter spoor

The Otter has always seemed to be the most elusive creature as living right on the sea for many years we seldom see them but frequently hear their penetrating whistle as they call to each other. Occasionally we see up to a group of eight in the bay swimming swiftly and diving down to catch fish, crayfish, crabs and even perlemoen, which they usually climb up onto a rock to eat lying on their back.

They have even been known to kill a dog when threatened

by leading it into the sea and pulling it down until it drowns. A few years ago we heard a strange growling, hissing sound coming from three big otters who were confronted by our two large Dobermans. Fortunately our dogs sensibly turned tale and ran away!

A couple of weeks ago our son Craig was swimming off the rocks at Simonstown when an Otter surfaced next to him and he swam stroking it while it was along side him. We were amazed but he does have a great affinity with wild creatures and makes feature documentary films all over Africa including sharks and even crocodiles.

An equally incredible encounter happened last week while I was swimming one balmy evening when I heard the unmistakable whistle of the Otter and there he was crunching a large fish on top of a rock. He finished his meal and slid into the water surfacing so close that I could stroke him and felt the warmth of his fur. He then continued to swim with me for at least five minutes.

Unbelievably once again when my husband was swimming across the bay yesterday, he glimpsed a large grey shape in the murky water

  • . shark? … no, an Otter who

swam along side him for several minutes.

We feel so privileged to have experienced the Otters so closely and wonder if anyone else has had similar encounters.

Di Foster

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