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Pringle Past

It was the late Sixties. The stock exchange was decidedly iffy, and I was looking around for another, less volatile, form of investment. A genial Belgian, Mr Sabbagh of Carit Estates, introduced me to Plot Number Five at the end of Point Road, and I was hooked. Nothing in front of me except the Cape Point lighthouse across the bay, which was not too obtrusive.

I paid a deposit and began monthly repayments. A few years passed. I'd set my heart on a Morgan sports car, hand- made on an ash frame, with suspension so sensitive that it went “kerchunk-kerchunk” when you crossed over a white line. I could get a new one into the country for R5000, having paid 100% duty. And I'd nearly got enough money saved.

But then I spotted an advertisement which offered to build a beach house on one's plot for the same amount of money, and the Morgan went the way of most dream cars. The house was duly built, and I became a weekender at Pringle Bay. I called the place “Johannesburg”, for a rather sneaky reason. At the time I was working in a fledgling advertising agency which demanded long hours and total commitment. I didn't mind the hours and the commitment, but my weekends were sacrosanct. So when colleagues said: “Roger, if we need you to come in over the weekend, how do we get

hold of you?”, I'd reply: “Terribly sorry, but I'm going to Johannesburg, and there's no telephone.” (This was long before the age of cell- phones.)

There was no electricity, either, and the night skies were amazing. I lined up regiments of candles on the room divider, and wondered why the walls became black so quickly. So I switched to paraffin lamps, and still get a wave of nostalgia whenever I detect the distinctive aroma. The fridge ran on paraffin too: a constant source of wonder to me. Later, when television arrived, I installed an extra car battery in my non-Morgan sports car to run a small black and white TV. In those days my criterion for viewing a programme was “Is this worth running the battery down for?”and it hardly ever was, especially as there was so much else to do.

I built a dry-stone wall and uncovered hundreds of scorpions. I walked along the coast to hunt for strandloper middens, and climbed the Voorberg. I also climbed the koppie at the other end of Point Road and counted all the houses I could see. There were less than fifty.

The year was 1973, and Pringle Bay was an unspoilt paradise.

Roger Makin



TEL: 028 - 2738437 FAX: 028 - 2738247

P.O. Box 90 - Sidney Road, Pringle Bay 7196 Cell No. 083 265 9121 E-Mail: martie@hermanus.co.za www.martiekotzeproperties.co.za


cheerio Vera

It is with a sad smile that we say cheerio to Vera Barichievy, our most elderly permanent resident who turned 91 on the 19th March, and who is now leaving to go and live with her youngest daughter Elaine, in Eshowe.

Vera and Leslie started to build their home over weekends in 1972 and once completed they made Pringle Bay their permanent home. Leslie was a very keen and successful fisherman and anybody who launched a boat from Maasbaai would have known him. He died in Oct.2007 at the age of 84 and since then Vera has been living on her own, managing her household with the help of her very dear friend Trudi Buttgens, who did all her shopping and visited Vera on a daily basis. Vera still has a keen mind and up to very recently played bridge once a week and she only stopped playing bowls at age 82. She enjoyed doing all her own cooking and always stocked

up with homemade pickles when she was expecting her family to visit.

Vera, everybody who had any contact with you will remember you as a generous, friendly, fun loving and gracious old lady who at the drop of a hat would play the drums (albeit on a biscuit tin) in perfect timing, still remembered from the war years when she played in a military band.

On behalf of each and every person you knew in Pringle Bay, I wish you a happy and contented stay in your new home and knowing you, it won't take long to make new friends.

Fortunately Vera has a large extended family so the house on the point will remain a Barichievy stronghold for many generations to come.

Peak Road Pringle Bay Tel/Fax: (028) 273-8068

We sell homemade pies and cakes, newspapers, cigarettes, milk, bread, eggs, groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and plenty more!!

Ons verkoop tuisgebakte pasteie en koek, koerante, sigarette, melk, brood, eiers, vleis, kruideniersware, vars vrugte en groente en nog vele meer!!


Cell: 082-925-7500 Email: barnacle@maxitec.co.za Website: www.barnacle.co.za

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