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Dear Conservancy Supporter.

This month we have a lot of great Conservancy news. This include news on the Conservancy Special General Meeting held recently, the

latest news and amazing photo's from the Boland Leopard Project as well as exiting news on the Pringle Bay Conservancy Festival 2011!

Pringle Bay Conservancy Special General Meeting

The Pringle Bay Conservancy held a meeting on Tuesday the 22nd of March at the Pringle Bay Community Hall to elect a new Executive Committee. This was necessary after the recent decision to move the Conservancy portfolio away from the Ratepayers Association and re-register the Pringle Bay Conservancy with Cape Nature. Individuals elected to the Executive Committee are Nicolette Louw, Mervyn Gray, Jacques Ractliffe and Bernard Heydenrych. This committee will meet soon to elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman,

Secretary and Treasurer. We will keep you posted on this news!

Twelve more individuals were also nominated to serve on an additional committee to help the Executive Committee with its tasks. These names will be published once their involvement is confirmed.

The quest speaker at the meeting was Mrs Nicolette Louw . Nicolette gave the audience a short summary on the history of the Pringle Bay Conservancy. We will provide you with more news on the way forward once both committees have met.

The Boland Leopard Project

To our delight, a staggering 21 adult leopards, 4 cubs and one sub-adult were identified in the survey area. These figures suggest that leopard density in the Limietberg appear to be higher than in the Cederberg. Further analyses will be conducted to confirm this. Eleven males and 5 females were identified

  • more conclusive

photographs are required to determine the sex of the other 5 individuals. This seemingly skewed sex ratio is not a true reflection of the actual sex ratio – rather males are captured more often on cameras since cameras are placed on paths which males use more often than females. Research using GPS in the Cederberg confirms this behaviour, showing females using less direct routes, often back- tracking and criss-crossing their range in a seemingly random fashion. Here follows a brief breakdown of the Limietberg leopards:

Above:Merlot (BM2) in the Slanghoek valley.The skew photograph is the handiwork of inquisitive baboons. Below:BF1 in theWemmershoek valley.

This article was kindly

provided by the Cape Leopar Trust and also appears on their website. Please visit www.capeleopard.org.za and join their cause!

Exciting results from the CLT Boland project!

The first phase of the CLT Boland project – the Limietberg survey – came to an end in November 2010.

During this 4-month survey,


46 camera stations (totalling

70 cameras) were deployed in the area between Bain's Kloof in the north, and Franschhoek and Kaaimansgat in the south. The cameras picked up a total of 22 mammal species, including African weasel, African wildcat, Cape fox, caracal, honey badger, small- & large-spotted genet, small & large grey mongoose, striped polecat and water mongoose.

L eopa rd * BF 1

BF 2 – Safara BF 3 – L yla BF 4 – Dot ty BM 1 – Jabulan i BM 2 – M e rlot BM 3 – Sam bo

BM 4

BM 5

A re a

[adop ted by Le opard’ s L eap Win es, st ill t o be n ame d] We mme rsh oek dam are a B ain ’s K loof are a

W em mersh oe k dam area V oorsorg area S pringstygbe uge l & Du Toit’s K loof are a

S pringstygbe uge l & Slangh oe k valley K aaim an sgat are a, S tet tyns mou nt ain s, S tet tynskloo f [adop ted by Le opard’ s L eap Win es, st ill t o be n ame d] G reate r We mm ersh oek area [adop ted by Le opard’ s L eap Win es, st ill

t o be n ame d] Ste ttyn s m oun tains , S tet tynskloo f, K aaim ansgat are a

BM 6 – Doc M a rtins

B ain ’s K loof are a

BM 7 – BJK1

[adop ted by BJK In du stries ] B ran dvlei,

V oorsorg & G root Eilan d are as, S tet tyns mou nt ain s

BM 8 – S afiri BM 9 – St rip e BM 10 – Fe lix

B ain ’s K loof are a, Slan gh oe k valle y G root Eilan d are a Du Toit’s Kloof are a

BM 11 – Basja


B ain ’s K loof are a

Far left top:An inquisitive young baboon inspects the camera;Far left bottom:A klipspringer near Louwshoek;Left top: Two porcupines nearVoorsorg;Left bottom:A small-spotted genet with dinner it its mouth, near Brandvlei dam

Right (leopard):Lyla (BF3) in the Wemmershoek valley.Note the small size

of Lyla,considering that the camera stands around 40cm above ground level.

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