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Manual 440-1002 – Table of Contents


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DESCRIPTION Features Compatibility System Components

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    Trailer Mounted Actuator

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    Trailer Mounted Brake Battery

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    Breakaway Switch

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    In-Cab Controller

Important Safety Messages! Installation Instructions – Trailer Actuator Actuator Wiring Installation Check Procedures DOT Inspection Note Replacement Parts List / Mounting Dimensions Trouble Shooting Guide Carlisle Limited Warranty

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A. Features: The Carlisle trailer brake actuator is a microprocessor-based 12 Volt DC system for use on single, two, and three axle trailers equipped with electric brakes. The CARLISLE actuator kit consists of a trailer mounted actuator, a “deep cycle”, 17 amp-hour trailer brake battery, an emergency breakaway switch, and an in-cab controller.

The CARLISLE actuator is unique in that it is totally trailer mounted. The actuator connects to the wiring on the trailer and does not require any modifications or additions to the wiring on the tow vehicle. Any vehicle that can connect to the trailer and power the trailer’s lights can make use of the CARLISLE trailer brake actuator. The in- cab controller is provided by a pendant that plugs into the cigarette lighter (not an accessory power receptacle) on the tow vehicle. No modifications to tow vehicle or to the tow vehicle wiring are required to make the in-cab controller operate correctly. Multiple vehicles can share a single in-cab controller by simply moving the in-cab controller from one vehicle to another. Additional in-cab control units are available and are compatible with all CARLISLE trailer brake actuators.

B. Compatibility: The CARLISLE trailer brake actuator should function properly so long as the towing vehicle can power the running lights and stop lights on the towed trailer. Note that vehicles and trailers that have amber turn signals typically require the use of a tail light converter to insure proper operation. The CARLISLE actuator draws approximately 1 – 3 amps of power from the tail light circuit to power the on-board battery charger. On trailers with multiple running lights, it may be necessary to install a powered tail light converter to insure that adequate power is available to operate the trailer brake actuator.

C. System Components:

Trailer Mounted Actuator The heart of the CARLISLE system is an electric brake actuator, which includes a microprocessor and accelerometer. The accelerometer is used to sense the amount of braking being generated by the towing vehicle. Based on that input, the microprocessor then automatically adjusts the output of the unit to generate a comparable amount of trailer braking. Unlike a traditional electronic brake control, the electrical power required to actuate the trailer brakes is drawn entirely from the trailer mounted brake battery (17 amp hour minimum capacity). To insure that the trailer brake battery remains fully charged at all times, a 3 amp battery charger is included an integral part of the trailer mounted actuator. Power for that battery charger is drawn from the running light circuit on the tow vehicle. Thus, it is critical that the tow vehicle running lights are on whenever the

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Manual 440-1002 Rev C

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