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E. Installation Instructions – Trailer Actuator:

Before Starting

  • 1.

    Examine all trailer wiring to verify that it is in good condition and properly connected. Be aware that the use of undersized wiring from the actuator to the brake magnets will result in reduced trailer braking. 12 gauge wiring is recommended from the output of the CARLISLE actuator to the brakes on the trailer. The ground side of the magnets also needs to be connected directly to the ground side of the trailer brake battery via the trailer wiring (not by grounding the magnet to a ground connection to the trailer frame).

  • 2.

    Inspect the trailer brakes to be sure they are in good condition and are properly adjusted. Consult your trailer owners manual for instructions on how to adjust the trailer brakes.

  • 3.

    The Electrastarunit contains sensitive electronics that must be protected. Drilling additional holes in the housing or electrostatically painting the Electrastarunit, or welding anywhere on the Electrastarunit will damage the unit making it inoperable and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Always remove the Electrastarunit from the trailer before doing any welding repair or modifications to the trailer structure.

Mounting the Trailer Brake Actuator, Trailer Brake Battery, and Emergency Breakaway Switch

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    Position the trailer as if it were connected to the towing vehicle. The actuator must be installed at a location on the trailer that is level to insure proper operation. Failure to properly level the unit may result in sporadic operation.

  • 2.

    Select a mounting area for the actuator on the trailer that will provide easy access to the trailer brake battery, the emergency breakaway switch, and the trailer / tow vehicle electrical connector. The mounting location should give consideration to protecting the unit from road debris and from unnecessary abuse

    • (i.

      e. The unit should not be used as a step).

  • 3.

    The long side of the actuator must be mounted parallel to the trailer centerline so that the wiring is directed to the front of the trailer. Failure to properly align the unit may result in sporadic operation.

  • 4.

    The actuator must be mounted in a horizontal position with the angled mounting brackets down. (As shown in Section I. Replacement Parts List / Mounting Dimensions bottom view.)

  • 5.

    Attach the actuator to the trailer by installing two (2) #10 screws through the mounting holes.

  • 6.

    The trailer brake battery can be mounted at any convenient location on the trailer. Mount the battery enclosure with (2) 0.25 inch diameter screws to trailer giving consideration to the fact that the battery is heavy and requires adequate support.

  • 7.

    Mount the emergency breakaway switch on the tongue of the trailer providing for a direct mechanical link between the switch plunger and the towing vehicle. Mount the switch with a 0.25 inch screw.

F. Actuator Wiring: Connect the six wires from the trailer mounted actuator to the trailer wiring system as follows – See Diagram

WARNING! Failure to wire the unit properly can result in damage to the trailer brake actuator.

Trailer Actuator Wires



Connect the brown wire from the actuator to the tail light / running light circuit on the trailer. Connect the yellow wire from the actuator to the left turn signal / brake light circuit on the trailer.

ECN 05103

Manual 440-1002 Rev C

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