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The coiled cable should rest on the tow bar if the sockets on both vehicles are either opposite of each other or the sockets are mounted in the middle of both vehicles to allow the cable to rest on the tow bar. Whichever way is used, the result will be the same; to keep the cable from dragging on the ground. When the cable is not in use, it should be disconnected from both vehicles and stored. The cable will keep its coiled memory and last for many trips down the road.

Step 1.

Two ¼” x ¾” self-tapping metal screws are provided to mount the socket bracket. Make sure the socket is located high enough to provide curb and roadway clearance.

Step 2.

Connect the 2 ft. length of white wire from the socket to a suitable chassis

not the frame. Normally, an existing make this connection near the socket to a suitable length, strip back the

insulation, and or bolt. Make on the terminal

crimp a ring terminal to the end for fastening to the screw certain the terminal is crimped securely. Moderately pull to check. Check all terminals similarly when installed.


loosened to


white wire

ground at the front of

screw or bolt can



the vehicle,

Step 3.

Run the 5 ft. long 2-conductor cable (red & black) from the socket, to the monitor sensor, which is integral part of the selector valve you have already installed. Cut the 2-conductor cable to proper length, separate the wires back approximately 3 inches and crimp a 1/4" female terminal onto

each wire. Connect one wire to each

monitor sensor.

Since polarity


of the two blade connections on not critical, either wire can

the be

connected to either terminal.

Step 4.

Attach one end of the 3 ft. long red wire provided in the kit to the red wire of the 2-conductor cable at the monitor sensor using one of the self- stripping wire tap connectors provided.

Step 5.

Take the other end of the 3 ft. long red wire and cut to length. Strip back the insulation on red wire and crimp on the ¼” male terminal (provided). This will provide a ready connection with the female terminal already installed on the red wire extending from the pump, which you have already installed. Make sure the wires are kept clear of all moving parts and are not touching parts, which become hot when the vehicle is driven. It is usually best to follow the same paths as existing wiring under the vehicle’s hood.


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