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Public Art

                   Past Questions & Answers

Q1)To what or whom would you attribute the considerable success of Gateshead in the field of Public Art?  

The vision, partnerships and commitment of Gateshead Council’s political support, Arts Council England, North East and the ability of Gateshead Council officers in cultural services, planning and engineering to deliver projects.

Q2)What is Gateshead’s primary motivation for the creation of public art?

To provide a ‘sense of place’ through unique works of art visible daily to the public, which help to create a quality environment.

Q3)What is Gateshead’s strategy for the siting of works?

This often relates to major planning and environmental developments:

1980s   - Riverside Sculpture Park.

1990s   - The Great North Forest area in the South of the Borough and the creation on the Angel of the North landmark sculpture.

2001 – Ongoing - reinterpretation of the Riverside Sculpture Park.

2002- Ongoing - incorporation of work into the Gateshead Quays and 2002- Ongoing -Town Centre redevelopment (see also Qvi).

Q4)What has been the public response to various works?

Public Art is created to stimulate a range of views and reactions.

Figurative sculpture has paradoxically, in the past, attracted the most controversy.  Public opinion has generally been favourable.

Q5)What is Gateshead’s strategy for public involvement in the creation of public art works?  

The Council decided on schemes and then involved the public directly through broader arts development and education programmes.  Sometimes it is possible to create a work of public art with the community together, as there is a range of approaches to public art.

Q6)What Public Art Involvement has there been within the Gateshead Quays Redevelopment?

There was an emphasis on commissioning integrated works of public art either as part of new buildings or externally in the public realm.  This formed the context of the public realm strategy for Gateshead Quays.

Public Art and The Angel of the North

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