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Our vision for coastal management

Throughout our 2002 Marine Stewardship Report, we made a number of broad statements about our aims for coastal management. Bringing these statements together, we can explain clearly the vision of coastal management to which we have already committed. In the ICZM consultation document we stated that we are aiming for:

  • a.

    Sustainable coastal management which addresses competing pressures and balances human activities with the need for conservation of the historic and natural environment.

  • b.

    A clear policy and regulatory framework into which an integrated approach is embedded.

  • c.

    A new, strategic management approach in the marine environment, where there is most need for an improved approach.

  • d.

    More consistent application of the principles of good, integrated management around the coast.

  • e.

    A management approach that builds on existing structures, so that local authorities, agencies and other bodies retain their statutory responsibilities, but work together at the most appropriate level.

  • f.

    A flexible, discretionary approach to how this application is achieved, which encourages local initiative and solutions to suit local circumstances.

  • g.

    Appropriate stakeholder involvement in management processes

Question 2: Are there additional elements we should incorporate into our vision for coastal management?

2 2.1

Question 2 Summary of responses There were 64 responses that addressed this question.


There was broad agreement with the objectives set out at (a) to (g) and support for the vision. However respondents suggested a number of other issues which they felt should be considered within the vision for coastal management, including;

  • communicating how coast-specific problems (uncoordinated sectoral interests) were going to be addressed;

  • the need to take a long term view for planning;

  • the need to be flexible enough to deal with the development of the coastal area so that it is more resilient to climate change;

  • working with natural processes as much as possible;

  • ensuring sufficient data and research to inform any future programme of management;

  • recognising the existence of different plans, such as River Basin Management Plans and potential future marine plans which cut across the land-sea interface;


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