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Planning and decision making We proposed that we would:

  • g.

    Explore and identify ways to create harmonisation between the activities of different competent bodies in the coastal zone, wherever feasible and sensible.

  • h.

    Consider the need, when resources permit, to update planning guidance on the management of coastal processes, in particular PPG20 Coastal Planning Guidance, to better reflect an integrated approach to coastal management, and to ensure a reflection of ICZM principles within the development of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Frameworks.

  • i.

    Ensure that the future direction of planning activity to address flood and coastal protection takes place in a way which integrates effectively with other planning and management mechanisms.

  • j.

    Ensure that ICZM processes are used to the benefit of River Basin Planning under the Water Framework Directive4 (WFD). The WFD requires the joining-up of planning and management mechanisms, including integration of objectives such as those for Natura 2000 sites, focusing holistically on a River Basin District. It also requires proactive stakeholder engagement and partnership working, which are currently being developed. We will endeavour to align ICZM and WFD processes to reduce and remove repetition and thereby reduce confusion and stakeholder fatigue.

  • k.

    Explore the scope and format of marine planning, through a Marine Bill, to create better integration in the planning of different activities at sea. We will aim to ensure that any new system of marine planning is developed in a way that integrates effectively with existing mechanisms on land, in particular those for planning and development control, River Basin Management Planning and Shoreline Management Planning. We will also ensure that any new system allows for appropriate involvement of local stakeholders and competent bodies with responsibilities in the coastal zone.

  • l.

    Explore the need to streamline the complex marine licensing legislation, through a proposed Marine Bill, and consider how the consenting of activities and developments in the coastal zone might be made more efficient.

Question 4: Do you have any views on the proposals in points (g) to (l), and on how we can improve the integration of planning and decision making processes in the coastal zone?

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Question 4 summary of responses

Sixty-seven respondents addressed this question, many of them referring to detailed responses they had made to the Marine Bill consultation.


Specific comments on proposals (g) to (l) are considered below.


Water Framework Directive (2000) http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/water-framework/index en.html


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