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    Some respondents felt that it was important to identify gaps in management and make a commitment to a ‘one stop shop’ for consents applications. Some respondents qualified what harmonisation might mean, in terms of an emphasis on simplification and avoidance of duplication, as well as informed decision making.

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    There was significant support within responses for updating PPG20. It was agreed that a fundamental review of the guidance was needed to take account of the changes to coastal management since it had been published in 1992. PPG20 was seen as an essential document which, when updated, would provide clear guidance about applying the principles of ICZM to the existing planning framework. There were calls for more effective working between Defra and Communities and Local Government (CLG), and some felt that the commitment to consider the need to review guidance subject to available resources was not strong enough.

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    Respondents were broadly supportive, but some were unclear which planning systems were being considered as ‘flood and coastal protection’ activity. A small number felt that this proposal could equally be extended to other aspects of coastal management, such as coastal habitat creation and restoration, or eco-tourism.

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    This proposal was broadly supported, but there were a range of views about the application of ICZM within the Water Framework Directive. It was felt by some that WFD was a model for better integrated management, but others suggested that because the river basin scale was so large, only very broad ICZM objectives could be furthered.

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    This proposal was addressed in the Marine Bill consultation, and most respondents referred to the responses they provided there. All respondents to this point were fully supportive of marine planning as a tool for managing the marine environment, although stressed the need to co-ordinate and complement with other coastal plans.

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    Respondents referred to comments made in the Marine Bill consultation. A small number suggested the need to look at legislation which would assist management across the land-sea interface.

Question 5: To what extent does current planning guidance, including PPG20 reflect the principles of integrated coastal zone management?


Question 5 summary of responses


52 responses that addressed this question. Eleven responses commented generally that PPG20 did reflect the principles and objectives of ICZM, if not the words. However, the consensus within most of the responses received was that PPG20 should be updated to provide for more effective ICZM.


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