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an area for any guidance, with some respondents requiring advice on issues such as how to form partnerships and their organisational structure and governance, in that guidance should establish terms of reference for the organisation and administration of effective partnerships to ensure that each partnership has effective leadership and clear accountable, structures and processes in place.


Twenty-four responses required the pulling together of best practice examples, and a guide to successful and approved ICZM practices. Of these, nine responses specifically focused on best practice in relation to identifying and securing funding. Twenty responses commented on the need for general guidance on ICZM, including the basic principles of ICZM, how it relates to existing policies, frameworks and planning implementation, and identification of preferred models for delivery. Four commented on the need for guidance on how new legislation would affect those involved in coastal management.


There were 17 comments relating to the delivery of guidance in the context of a ‘national strategy and delivery framework’, which details how “all organisations should act within the ICZM process” with clear national policy outlining roles, responsibilities and objectives.


Some respondents felt that guidance was not necessary because a considerable amount of guidance was already available to partnerships, listing ‘Putting Sustainability Into Practice in the Coastal Environment,

2001’9, the EU Recommendation on ICZM10

and other guidance produced

by the European commission11. Others commented that it was now time to move from theory into practice, and that whilst further guidance is always welcome that it was not a priority until other fundamental issues had been addressed.

Question 9: Using examples, what are the key achievements of coastal partnerships that we could seeking to promote more consistently around the coast?

9 9.1

Question 9 summary of responses

Of the 50 responses that addressed this question, five generally stated that there was already a wide body of information listing the achievements

of coastal partnerships, including the Stocktake report referred to in question 1 of the consultation.


Detailed examples of the achievements of coastal partnerships which were provided are listed at Annex B. Broadly the examples include:

  • Production of coastal and estuary management plans and strategies

  • Maintaining newsletters, websites, fact sheets and guidance

9 (Ed. Gallagher A.) Putting Sustainability into Practice in the Coastal Environment. Proceedings of workshop, 10 Oct 2000, London. Coastlink, Maidstone, Kent.

10 11 http://ec.europa.eu/environment/iczm/home.htm#zone Lessons learnt from the European Commissions Demonstration Programme on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) http://ec.europa.eu/environment/iczm/pdf/vol2.pdf


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