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policy and for greater national, regional and local leadership or an ‘overarching body’ which could remove confusion and provide leadership.

    • 10.6

      Three respondents commented on the need for long-term core funding, with one respondent stating that funding difficulties have led to inconsistent approaches in partnerships. and that democratic accountability has suffered as a result. In some cases, commitment by the partnership as a whole to novel and sensitive management protocols has been constrained by the dominant influence of one or more major funding bodies.

    • 10.7

      Finally, four respondents stated that proposals within the Halcrow report ‘Developing Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Options for England and Wales13’ should be considered as possible solutions for meeting these challenges.

Question 11: If your organisation participates in, or provides financial support to a coastal partnership, what benefits do you consider there are from your involvement?

11 Question 11 summary of responses

    • 11.1

      This question was addressed by 46 respondents, who identified several benefits arising from their involvement in coastal partnerships, as well as some general benefits to the community of having a partnership.

    • 11.2

      70% of the respondents to this question identified benefits for partners relating to sharing of information, best practice and awareness-raising of each others’ roles and positions. Access to members’ expertise, data (particularly regional-based data) and experience appeared to be particularly valued.

    • 11.3

      30% of respondents also identified general benefits associated with partnership working: co-operation, co-ordination of effort and approach, and pooling of resources. It was felt that this joint approach gave weight to the partnership’s corporate voice, and led to an increased ability to influence local and national policy development, as well as the possibility of attracting additional funding for joint initiatives. Partnerships also offered an opportunity to take a strategic approach towards local coastal issues, and to ensure that different initiatives were integrated and complementary. Furthermore, partnerships offered an increased understanding and awareness of the areas resources and associated management issues and priorities.

    • 11.4

      Respondents also appreciated partnerships as impartial platforms for discussion and communication. Meeting other stakeholders on this basis led to relationship building and development of networks of contacts. This enabled a better understanding of other partners’ positions and points of view, which itself led to opportunities for conflict resolution and consensus building.

13 Environment Agency & Partners – ‘ Developing Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Options for

England & Wales’. December 2005


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