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unbiased information was promoted as key to successful public engagement. There was also support for local training/education and awareness schemes.

(u) Eight respondents addressed this point. There was strong support for the highlighting of this area. There were comments that insufficient attention had been given to ICZM approaches in national and regional training, including within the National Curriculum, and that ‘mainstreaming’ of the issue was required. However, other respondents pointed to examples which they felt did show that national programmes for coastal managers were in place.

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      Nine respondents addressed this point. There was support for the important role of universities in further supporting ICZM. Some respondents felt that universities are well placed to play a role at the national level in supporting education for ICZM. It was suggested that their role was more than simply as an education provider; they could also offer direct and indirect support to ICZM (especially, but not exclusively through coastal partnerships) and contribute to the understanding of ICZM and its practice through research and consultancy work. Some felt that universities have demonstrated that they can support ICZM through the facilitation of research strategies. Two respondents drew upon the links between universities and coastal partnerships, with one commenting on the educational benefits that students had gained through direct involvement with coastal partnerships. Two respondents commented generally on the need for universities to place more attention on the social and economic aspects of coastal management with greater emphasise on business strategy and planning.

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        Five respondents drew attention to various reports focussing on public awareness and participation including;

an EU Interreg funded project called Cycleau14

and the report

prepared on ‘Stakeholder and Public Participation’ by Devon Wildlife Trust who had responsibility for this aspect of the project15;

  • a CoastNET report following a series of workshops on Public Engagement in Coastal Issues16; and

  • a conference and subsequent report ‘Public Understanding in the Marine Environment’17 organised by The Wildlife Trusts’ South East Marine Programme.

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www.cycleau.org www.devonwildlifetrust.org . http://www.coastnet.org.uk/ www.wildlifetrusts.org


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