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Key Themes

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) means the adoption of an integrated or joined up approach towards the many different interests in both the land and marine components of the coast. It is the process of harmonising the different policies and decision making structures, and bringing together different coastal stakeholders, to encourage concerted action towards achieving common goals. Integrating the many different activities effectively means we can look at the coast in a holistic way.

(Consultation on Promoting an integrated approach to management of the coastal zone (ICZM) in England. June 2006)

    • 2.1

      The consultation document ‘Promoting an integrated approach to management of the coastal zone (ICZM) in England’, set out the background to, and our vision for coastal management. 74 respondents commented on some or all of the specific questions in the document, the remaining 19 responses contained general comments from which points relevant to specific questions could be extracted. This section contains the common themes raised by respondents.

    • 2.2

      The consultation was broadly welcomed, with respondents pleased to have the opportunity to comment and contribute to the development of a strategy for ICZM in England. Respondents also welcomed the Government’s explanation of what was considered to be a complex area, and its commitment towards greater coordination of the different planning and management systems. There was concern that the document omitted references to the wide range of sectors operating at the coast, or that it did not address specifically how the Government intended to deliver its goals for ICZM and the timescale for doing so.

    • 2.3

      Respondents were keen that the government departments and agencies with key coastal responsibilities and interests should work closely together to achieve integrated management. Respondents also regarded integrated management of the coast across country borders as important. They were keen that the objectives for an England Strategy should form part of a wider UK framework that had clear and common objectives for ecosystems that straddled political boundaries.

    • 2.4

      Respondents felt that ICZM was an approach which could be used to integrate management mechanisms (such as the Habitats Directive and the Water Framework Directive), as well as the proposals in the Marine Bill and Making Space for Water consultations. It could also be used to address the current lack of strategic planning of the coastal and marine environment.


The complexity of integrating different management systems was recognised by respondents, and a number of options to ensure effective and coordinated management at the coast, were proposed. These included clear definitions of the roles, jurisdiction and priorities of government departments and all competent bodies; clear guidelines on the relationships between different plans; a ‘coastal vision’ which would detail the Government’s objectives and goals for sustainable management of the coast; updated Planning Guidance for the coast (most notably


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