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Annex A: Consultation Question Summaries

ICZM Stocktake1: Summary of findings

The UK Government and Devolved Administrations commissioned a Stocktake of the current framework for management of the coastal zone in the UK, which was published in 2004. The Stocktake revealed a number of challenges that need to be addressed or considered when promoting an ICZM approach, and these were summarised in the consultation document.

Question 1: Using specific examples where possible, are there any other areas of the current coastal management framework where you believe an integrated approach is not sufficiently being achieved?


From the responses received, the consultation, 60 addressed this question.


Seven respondents agreed that the areas where integration was not being achieved had been adequately highlighted by the 2004 Atkins Stocktake Report. Many respondents emphasised however that there was no comprehensive or coherent system of management to deal with the broader impacts of the different pressures at the coast. It was felt that management approaches needed to be applied more consistently, because some coastal managers gravitated towards their own specific purpose or statutory responsibilities and therefore failed to engage more widely on issues that affected the coastal zone.


Four respondents noted the absence of a statutory footing for ICZM and they felt that the current (voluntary) approach was insufficient to bring the competent authorities together to engage in ICZM. These respondents also agreed that a strong statutory framework in which duties and obligations were clearly identified was required. This would help to ensure that coastal partnerships and fora gained the support they needed to undertake their work.


Question 1 summary of responses


Thirteen respondents noted a lack of integration between coastal plans and the terrestrial planning system. For example, one respondent suggested that Land Use Planning Policy must cover all of the issues associated with coastal planning, such as incorporating future threats from climate change, increased threat and conflict between users of inshore waters, and pressures on the coast caused by population changes. Revised guidance was also cited as an essential tool for integrated management – three respondents called for a revision of Planning Policy Guidance 20 (PPG20) and considered that there was a case for including Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) documents and the forthcoming River Basin Management Plans into the terrestrial planning framework as supplementary planning documents. One respondent further added that SMPs could be open to misinterpretation by individual coastal partnerships or other stakeholders because they were non-statutory.

1 http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/water/marine/uk/iczm/stocktake/index.htm Atkins: ICZM in the UK: A Stocktake (2004)


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