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SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, FIRECODE Core meet the definition of a Type X gypsum board for fire-rated assemblies in the Gypsum Association Fire Resistance Design Manual. Edges: SW tapered or tapered.

SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, FIRECODE C Core provide improved fire protection over standard FIRECODE panels due to additives that enhance the integrity of the core under fire exposure. Comply with Type X requirements.

SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, ULTRACODE Core, provide 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour fire ratings with fewer layers of gypsum panels than are usually required when used in approved designs.

************************************************************************************************************ 3. Where foil-backed gypsum board is indicated: Equivalent to SHEETROCK Brand SW Foil-Back, FIRECODE or FIRECODE "C" Gypsum Panels by USG.OR SHEETROCK Brand FoilBack, FIRECODE or FIRECODE "C" Gypsum Panels by USG.


SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, Foil-Back, are made by laminating special kraft-backed aluminum foil to back surface of regular or SW tapered panels with FIRECODE and FIRECODE C cores as indicated. Effective as a vapor retarder for walls and ceilings when applied with foil surface next to the framing in single-layer application or as the base layer in multi-layer systems. In tests per ASTM E96 (desiccant method), ½ inch foil-back panels showed a vapor permeance of 0.06 perm.

Limitations: Not recommended as a base for ceramic or other tile or as base layer for SHEETROCK Vinyl-Faced Gypsum Panels or other highly moisture-resistant wall coverings. Also not to be used in hot, humid climates such as the Southern Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas.


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    Water-Resistant Gypsum Board:

    • 1.

      ASTM C630, regular type except where Type X ire- resistant type is indicated or required to meet UL

assembly types.

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    Edges: Tapered.

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    Thickness: 5/8 [½] inch, unless otherwise indicated.

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    Acceptable products: Equivalent to SHEETROCK

Brand W/R FIRECODE "C" or W/R FIRECODE Type X Gypsum Panels by USG.


SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, Water-Resistant, are a proven water-resistant base for the adhesive application of ceramic and plastic tile and plastic-faced wall panels for areas not subjected to constant moisture and humidity. The panel is easily recognized by its distinctive green face.

Limitations: Not recommended for ceilings where framing is greater than 12 inches on center,

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