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SHEETROCK All Purpose Joint Compound Ready-Mixed used for embedding, finishing, simple hand-applied texturing, laminating and skim coating.

SHEETROCK Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound Ready-Mixed (PLUS 3) requires only two coats over metal bead and fasteners, gives exceptional ease of sanding. This all purpose, single package product provides tight bond, superior slip and workability, good crack resistance and low shrinkage. Also used for simple hand-applied texturing.


2. Setting (chemically-hardening) type: Equivalent to SHEETROCK Setting-Type Joint Compound by USG. Note: this is default for veneer plaster.


Features exceptional bond; virtually unaffected by humidity extremes. Used with cement backer board or veneer plaster, to treat joints in exterior gypsum soffits and to embed Sheetrock joint tape and fill beads in veneer finish systems when any of the following conditions exist: rapid drying conditions due to low humidity, high temperature and excessive evaporation. Recommended for filling joints of SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, Water-Resistant, and treating fastener heads in areas to receive ceramic or plastic tile. May be used for skim coating and surface texturing . Required as prefill material for SHEETROCK brand Gypsum Panels, SW Edge.

Limitations: SHEETROCK Setting-Type Joint Compounds (DURABOND) are difficult to sand after drying and must be smoothed before complete setting. Not to be applied over moist surfaces or surfaces likely to become moist, on below-grade surfaces, or on surfaces subject to moisture exposure, pitting or popping.

SHEETROCK Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compound (EASY SAND) weighs 25% less than conventional setting-type compounds. Provides sanding ease similar to a ready-mixed, all purpose joint compound.


  • 3.

    Reinforcing joint tape:

    • 1.

      ASTM C475, 2 inch nominal width.

    • 2.

      For backer board, provide fiberglass tape as recommended by

board manufacturer [and acceptable to manufacturer of ceramic tile setting materials.]


SHEETROCK Joint Tape is a strong, cross-fibered paper tape with minimal longitudinal stretch and superior tensile strength.

SHEETROCK Fiberglass Drywall Tape is made with a unique cross-fiberglass construction. Self-adhesive tape goes on quickly-eliminates bedding coat and provides smooth finished joints in only two coats. For first coat over tape, setting-type joint compound is used, for second coat, setting-type or drying-type (ready-mixed or powder) joint compounds may be used. Tape may also be used for patching, small holes and cracks.


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