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Much time is needed in Reading first for the 90+ minute block, supplemental and intervention programs, double dosing, etc.  Given these time demands, how best should you organize your school schedule to provide all the instruction required to address varied student needs in reading, while still addressing the many other demands in the elementary school day?

Summary of Team Ideas for Addressing the Issue:

With 2 hour kindergarten it’s really tough!  Some extended day kindergarten

Creative use of resources (i.e. flexibility in Title I fund usage-certified vs. assistants, 15% of IDEA funds for Response to Intervention)

Reading schedule drives overall building schedule

Teach reading all day (some groups must have reading blocks in the afternoon)

To balance all curriculum: 1) all day kindergarten was initiated; 2) one school added 45 minutes to the school day to have all K-3 have same length of day; 3) Resource teacher does a 90 minute block with 90 minute with lowest intensive group; 4) double dosing in the afternoon

Staff basically accepts reading as the top priority and recognizes that mastery in reading will eventually support other areas of curriculum, such as science

Flood classrooms with assistants

Pair grade level reading blocks and vary through the day

A.M. and P.M. reading blocks

No morning recess

Shift paraprofessionals workday and include in data share

Double dose either within or outside the block for reading

> 90 minute block (flexibility)

Buy in from Special Education staff

Encourage ESL endorsements (flexibility)


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