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Staff and Leadership Turnover

Turnover among teachers, assistants, principals, and coaches can leave significant personnel gaps in a program like Reading First.  How do we replace staff in a program like Reading First, especially when a staff member who is leaving is highly trained, understands the essential elements of the program, and willingly supports its requirements?  Who controls the staffing process?  The building principal?  The district office?  How can we try to ensure that the new personnel will be supportive of the Reading First program and effort?

Summary of Team Ideas for Addressing the Issue:

Upon hiring new employees, lay out expectations

Coaches priorities should be in the classrooms of new teachers, continually for the first two or three weeks

Importance of coach position in all schools as leadership position to continue training, data analysis, etc.

Key issues: 1) long-term district commitment to support, integrate, and maintain the program; 2) critical variables and differences for a small district vs. a large district; 3) basic funding issues and implications; 4) contracts, cutbacks, seniority, strength of associations

It would be interesting to see how many RF staff are still at their schools since the beginning of the grant

Because of large turn over, having ORRF hit RF basics hard during the last year of the grant

Bringing in retired teachers to help with trainings and other ways to help support teachers (assessments, etc.)

Training substitute teachers

As a district, look to see who is new at the beginning of the year and see what training they need (pool resources)

Have coaches meet once a week

Create a pool of trained substitutes and share with other districts for possible hiring

Having universities on board with RF guidelines

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