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Finding Resources to Provide Double/Triple

Dosing Needed by Intensive Students

Students identified as needing “intensive intervention” require additional, strategic instruction from the best teachers we have to make adequate progress in reading.  How do schools and district find both the appropriate staff and time required to address all the needs of these students?

Summary of Team Ideas for Addressing the Issue:

Hire additional 1.0 FTE certified staff (flexibility translates into 10 classified hours so hired 3 people-3 hours + 3 hours + 4 hours=then train in program means 3 people for the cost of one certified staff member)

Train any classified people, such as office staff, to take groups

Utilize Special Education, Title I, and Speech Language to go into the classroom (flood-in model)

Extend reading block that would allow students to walk to read to their instructional level, then match the teacher to their instructional “expertise”

Rotate benchmark, strategic, and intensive teaching assignments annually (a chance to learn other programs)

Intensive classroom is the smallest

Analyze current resources and redistribute-blur the lines and be creative (ESL, Special Education, Title I and any other specialists, special programs)

Deployment: Walk to read

Assign staff specific program (i.e. Reading Mastery, Read Naturally) and make them the experts

Use of 21st century schools grant related to after school program-the key is coordination

Use 15% of IDEA funds-can support ANY students, not just Special Education students

Use of Title I funds to support extended day kindergarten

Use Core to double dose

ERI and Language for Learning

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