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Student Mobility

Many schools have high rates of student mobility (i.e., >40%).  How can we address the challenge of providing continued support to new students in the Reading First program?

Summary of Team Ideas for Addressing the Issue:

Systems in place (DIBELS, STAR test, Title I) -Reading coach assess, then double and triple dose as needed

Parents, teachers trained to assess new students

Tracking form for all new students check-off (email Regional Coordinator)

Double dose schedule (email out)

Test new students immediately (reading coach, Title I teacher)

Constantly analyze data and regroup students in order to keep students in most appropriate groups with most appropriate instructor

District to have the same program adoption (curriculum alignment)

Have a process (steps) to assess the students the first day so they can be placed in the instructional program class according to their needs

Have the Title I teacher and Literacy Coach have knowledge of this process (see above)

Grade level assessment leader

Ability grouping

Grade level across the grouping ability

Assess students PRIOR to classroom placement (time: 1/2 hour while student registers, questionnaire with registration)-reading coach, student study team coordinator, principal

Fluid grouping (takes care of some students)

Teachers who are ESLO endorsed-give flexibility for high ESL population

Title I pushes into the class during the morning (afternoon is double dose pull-out)

Cross district mobility-moving toward all across district having the same core and interventions

Tutor program to bring new students up to speed (during or after school)

KIP program-revolving door, extended kindergarten for new students (once up to speed, go to half day kindergarten)  Can we do something similar across grade levels?  Perhaps after school programs?

Deployment-walk to read

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