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1995-1997  Ecological recovery of non-target fauna after tsetse control measures in the Zambezi Valley:  for the Regional Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Control Programme for Southern Africa (RTTCP)  Client: EC DGVIII.

1996-7 Malawi: Environmental Audit of odour-baited tsetse targets in Kasungu National Park Client: EC DGVIII

1995 Consultations with the National Co-ordinating Committees of the RTTCP member countries (Ibid)

1996  Environmental audit of areas surrounding unofficial waste pesticide dump sites.  MARENA Nicaragua Client: World Bank

1995  Determination of pesticide pollution on critical watersheds and basins. MARENA Nicaragua Client: World Bank

1990  Kenya.  Environmental Consultant to Kenyan Trypanosomiasis Research Institute: EIA of tsetse control. Client: ODA

1989  Egypt  Consultant to Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.  Promotion of cotton boll-worm pheromones over conventional insecticides in the Nile Delta  Client: ODA

1989  Consultant to Emergency Centre for Locust Operations (FAO) for environmental monitoring methods during locust and grasshopper control  (Senegal)  Client  FAO

1989  Environmental adviser to ODA for school science video on ODNRI activities.  Client ODA

1987-1991  U.K.  Representative of the Scientific and Environmental Monitoring Group of the Regional Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Control Programme for Southern Africa .Client EC.

1987-1988  Environmental consultant to the Republic of Somalia. Non-target effects of riverine tsetse-control operations with special reference to fish and honey production. Client ODA

1987  Environmental consultant to Republic of Somalia. Preparation of environmental monitoring proposal prior to tsetse spraying in the Lower Shabelle. Client: ODA


2003-June 2005. UK and Singapore.  Commissioning and management of research projects for Crown Bio Systems, a biotech company based in UK and with labs in Singapore. Responsible for research, staff, patents, trademarks, IPR and licensing issues for biotechnology.

1996-2003. NRI  UK: Departmental Heads (Environmental Sciences Department and prior to that Pest Management Department) with full responsibilities for staffing, commissioning (research and consultancy), business planning and administration. Research Director: responsible for development, management  and implementation of  NRI's research strategy, including both academic and business research income streams.

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