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Professional Roles

1999- 2006  Member, Programme Advisory Committee, DFID Animal Health

and Livestock Production Programmes (environmental adviser).

2000-2006 Member, Programme Advisory Committee, DFID Plant Sciences Programme (environmental adviser)..

1992-2002 Scientific Secretary, EC Scientific and Environment Monitoring Group (EC DGVIII Livestock and Agriculture)

1996- present. Member of the Steering Committee of the International Centre for Pesticide Safety, Milan

1994-2002  Member of FAO Advisory Group (Environment Co-ordinator) for the Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis (PAAT).

1996- present  International Advisory Board member for Outlooks on Pest Management (Royal Society of Chemistry)

1995-2000 Course Director,  Environmental Assessment and Management – a Continuing Professional Development course. Wye College, Univ of London.

1994-2000 British Council Associate Adviser for EIA


Over 50 scientific research papers, reviews and books

Relevant Books:  

Guide to the Establishment of Environmental (EMP) and Residue (RMP) Monitoring Plans  (2007) Derrick,S and Grant,I.F.  Secretariat of the ACP Group of States SFP-ACP/OCT Management Unit European Commission

Ecological Monitoring Methods for Assessment of Pesticide Impact in the tropics (2002) Edited IF Grant and CCD Tingle. CTA/NRI/DFID  ISBN 0 85954 543-1

Decision Tools for Sustainable Development (2000)  Edited: IF Grant and

C Sear  DFID/NRI  ISBN 0 85954 500-8


1986 - 2005  Competitively won scientific projects and research grants worth >£10M.   


Environmental specialist with 30 y experience in developing countries of environmental impact/ecosystem assessments of pesticides and other pollutants in soil and aquatic ecosystems.  Skilled in the design and validation of ecological monitoring/ surveillance programmes, and in reviewing and amending intervention procedures/ programmes to minimise the hazards and risks to wildlife and ecosystems,  particularly those involving area-wide control of pests and vectors of disease. Interested in the relationships between development and environmental impact, decision making and policy.   

Since 2007, increasingly focused on climate and environment issues (appraisals, assessments, reviews) of donor programmes and projects. Extensive field, project and research management experience.  Consulting and advisory roles undertaken for government, development banks, donors and the private sector.

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